Smokey Then and Now

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Smokey Then and Now

Post by Ozzig on Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:13 pm

I've had some thoughts about Smokey for some time now, and have even mentioned them in comments elsewhere, but the idea hasn't seemed to catch on! (Maybe it's a really bad idea ha!) Anyway, here goes....

I believe that the current form of Smokey is not what Smokey used to be, that Dharma provided the means and Ben himself possibly provided the action of transforming Smokey into its' current form.

Smokey would have been a thing in its' own right, pre-Dharma. What that thing would be, I don't know.... unknown entity, spirits of the dead, bleed-through at the junction of alternate times or universes, take your pick. But it was without physical form and without the ability to do the physical things that Smokey does now (grabbing people etc). More like a spirit only, able to dangerously influence people through the visions it projected, but unable to do harm if the person was memtally strong and/or savvy enough to not fall for it. It was this Smokey that Ben encountered in the form of his mother.

Dharma no doubt would have been aware of this phenomena, and avidly studying it, in what they no doubt would have considered secure circumstances. In the meantime, Dharma built a security system, which might have included artificial intelligence, but still would have been mechanical in nature, and physical. The purpose of said security system as of yet unknown. Perhaps to scan intruders and determine if they were a worker who was supposed to be there or one of an opposing force trying to infiltrate. Anyones' guess.

I believe that Bens' encounter with his "mother" was the beginning of old Smokey influencing Ben, who was on the inside of Dharma, to ultimately do "something" that would enable Smokey to join with the security system. Perhaps something as simple as opening the door to the security system control room. The "thing" that was Smokey would have certainly noted the presence of the secuity system and might have determined that there was something about it that would enable such a meld.

Thus Ben created a "new" Smokey, or rather, enabled it to alter itself. He would naturally know what Smokey was, and being both its' pet and creator, would seemingly have a bond of sorts with it, at least to the point that he need not worry for his own safety around it.

Well, it might sound strange, but just looking for some possibilities to explain :cyclops: my favorite character..Smokey.

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Re: Smokey Then and Now

Post by SunburnedPenguin on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:04 pm

Interesting ideas Smile

I have often wondered if there is some properties of the island, or atleast the atmosphere surrounding it, that prevent the spirits of the dead leaving the island. The snowglobe effect hinted at could be pointing in this direction. Perhaps some essence of the dead congregates and forms Smokie, giving it a form of consciousness and intelligence. I like your idea that Dharma somehow did something to this amalgamation and changed it....perhaps to give it physical form? Either way, episode 9 definitely suggests that Ben (hence possibly Dharma previously) has some control over it!


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Re: Smokey Then and Now

Post by Lojozz on Thu May 15, 2008 3:03 pm

Nice ideas Ozzig and possible I guess. I have always wondered whether smokey just existed on the island or if it was created by Dharma. You've now given me a third option to consider which is a combination of the two. Thanks (I think!)Shocked

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Re: Smokey Then and Now

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