He changed the rules....

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He changed the rules....

Post by SunburnedPenguin on Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:15 pm

Wow what an awesome episode!!!!

It was so good, I even dreamed about it lastnight affraid

The changing the rules thing was very bizarre, almost like Ben and Widmore were playing a game which would link up with all the game references. However, this seems way too odd - why go to all that trouble, all that stress, all that money, for a game?

I think the game thing was a distraction tbh.

Ok this is my theory....

It seems now that Widmore had control of the island originally, probably via Dharma, and Ben took it from him via the purge. I think that there was always this "rule" throuhout the history of Dharma etc that no innocents would be harmed, and its something both Widmore and Ben understood from way back when. However its the definition of innocent in their points of view that needs defining. Ben has killed people (or caused them to be killed) who we would deem as innocent when we look at it from our own perspective. For example his own father and the rest of the people who died during the Purge. So how could he justify that? Perhaps the work they were doing would ultimately harm other innocents, whether that be the natives (hostiles) or the rest of the world. Therefore they could fall into the catagory of guilty in Bens eyes.

So how did Widmore change the rules? By killing Alex who was innocent. I think Ben and Widmore share the same values but are working towards different, conflicting ends. They have always fought their "war" for the island with an understanding of these shared values and rules. When Ben attempted to bluff Keamy, he assumed he would be playing by the same rules and wouldn't actually kill Alex, but he did and now the game has been blown wide open....the shape of things to come is a whole new level to the ongoing war.


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Re: He changed the rules....

Post by Ozzig on Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:17 am

Agree, best episode yet! I also think the rules pertained to innocence, but also, it seemed like if she was Ben's daughter then she was fair game, but if not, like Ben tried to state, then she was not fair game. Or so it seemed. But why would that count? Maybe something in the bloodline? Or the expectation that children learn and take over the parents' business? But if she wasn't blood, and just a pawn, then not fair game? I don't know, makes my head hurt! Because then Ben was going after Widmores daughter since he changed the rules. Unless Penny isn't blood to Widmore? Adopted? Then Widmore would know exactly how Ben feels? Questions questions questions!!

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Re: He changed the rules....

Post by JimReaper on Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:17 am

Perhaps it is to do with Jacobs list and 'good' and 'bad' people? I think Ben kills people who are 'not on the list' if he needs to, they are dispensible. Perhaps Alex was on the list and maybe Ben and Widmore are both supposed to respect the Jacobs list?

The island has a fixed purpose and Ben and Widmore are simply fighting over who gets to be in charge, but this is immaterial to islands ultimate destiny, as long as they respect the list.

I think it could be something along those lines.

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Re: He changed the rules....

Post by Lojozz on Thu May 15, 2008 12:24 pm

Rally like the idea that Alex was on Jacobs list and that is rule that is changed. That would work well with the fact that Jacob now wants the island to be moved.


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Re: He changed the rules....

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