Inappropriate Promoting of this Site

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Inappropriate Promoting of this Site

Post by StitchExp626 on Tue May 27, 2008 7:21 pm

It is important to remind everyone that we would like everyone here to refrain from advertising this site inappropriately on other Lost Forums.

Appropriate methods for promoting the site that do not risk causing problems;

* Adding a link to your signature on other websites if the administrators allow it.

* Link exchange - adding to a links section on another website and linking back to it from here in exchange

* Social Networking - adding a link to your myspace/facebook etc profile

* Other links can be added to your MSN, email signature etc.

It is great to see that people are happy with this site, but posting a link on a post in other forums is seen as spamming (not good) and this tends to create more animosity than good will. So everyone our official policy is not to inappropriately promote this site on other forums.

If everyone could comply with this it would be appreciated. It also helps maintain good neighbourly relations with our fellow Lost fans on other sites.

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