lost and star wars

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lost and star wars

Post by mygrandmagotmeintolost on Tue May 27, 2008 7:47 pm

So i was re-watching lost season 1 with my cousin because he had never seen lost. As we watched he kept pointing out things in s 1 that were very similar to star wars. Besides all the Daddy and mommy issues that most characters have, Boone had a similar experience to the cave in the empire strike backs, where luke says "whats out their" and yoda responds "only what you take with you." Not to mention the odd love affair between boone and his step sister. I know its not the same but if its not a shout out to star wars then I dont know what is.

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Re: lost and star wars

Post by vincentthedog on Tue May 27, 2008 8:41 pm

It has been stated that the writers are huge fans of the war among the stars and have made many referances in Lost. Good observation.
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Re: lost and star wars

Post by Lost_Dbutz on Tue May 27, 2008 8:42 pm

I agree that Star Wars is a huge influence of the writers.

Here is something I posted back at LT, thought you might like it:

Theory with a Star Wars

Hey all, so this is a different twist on a theory. All of these theories were starting to get a
little mundane, so I thought I would throw a little Star Wars twist in this
one. I tried to parallel some characters
of both stories, which required me to bend both of them a little. If you’re a knit picker about the story of
Lost and/or Star Wars, you might not enjoy this, or maybe you will, who
knows. Either way, just know that this
is all in fun to keep us busy until April 24th comes. Enjoy…

For centuries there have been access points on earth that
send people to an island in a galaxy that is a long, long time ago and far, far
away. There was unrest since there has
been a battle to take control of this island, for it possessed special powers. The spirits from the light and dark side try
to control it. The Dharma initiative
started out in control by several Jedi, who set out to use the island for good,
but the powers of the dark side and the evil Emperor Widmore taunted the Dharma
group, and they became the Darth-ma initiative under the power of Count Thomas
Dooku Middlewerk.

Richard-Alpert-Kenobi had a special connection to the island
force, and he knew that some day a special boy would come along who would bring
balance to the island-force. Richard-Alpert-Kenobi
found a young boy named Benakin Linuswalker, who he felt had a very strong
connection to the island force, even more than his own. Richard-Alpert-Kenobi trained young Benakin
Linuswalker in the ways of the island force, to use them for good and to
respect them. A very powerful and wise
Jedi, named Yojacoba, urged Richard-Alpert-Kenobi not to train young
Linuswalker, for he was too old and had lost his mother at his birth. This and his love for young Padmannie were
known paths to the dark side, but Richard-Alpert-Kenobi had much faith in young
Linuswalker and knew he would bring balance to the island-force some day. Another powerful Jedi, named Qui-Tom-Jinn,
also urged Richard-Alpert-Kenobi not to train young Linuswalker. He did so anyways.

As young Linuswalker grew up, his love for young Padmannie
and his island force powers grew stronger and stronger. Young Padmannie became pregnant with
Benakin’s child, but Benakin sensed that Padmannie would die during the act of
childbirth. Benakin did not want this to
happen, so he turned towards the dark island-forces to try and find a way to
keep his love from dying. Linuswalker
was not able to stop her death, but he became obsessed with finding a way to go
back and stop it from happening.
Linuswalker was no longer concerned with protecting the island-force,
but to use it for his own intentions.

The evil Emperor Widmore sensed this weak moment in young
Linuswalker, and he used his money and dark powers to lure Linuswalker in. Emperor Widmore provided funding for research
to Benjamin that could be used to help bring Padmannie and his mother back to
life. Emperor Widmore, in turn, was able
to use Linuswalker and take advantage of his powers to control the other
inhabitants of the island. In an effort
to control the inhabitants and exercise Linuswalkers dark force powers, Emperor
Widmore instructed Linuswalker to execute order 66, known as the purge. It was a convenient way for Emperor Widmore
to rid himself of the Darth-ma initiative (who was in his way) and let Benakin
Linuswalker feel the power that he had accrued.

For years, Emperor Widmore and Linuswalker (now known as
Darth Creepy) ruled over the island and fully controlled its powers. One day, along came a ship carrying several
people who possessed the ability to use the island force. Among these people, was the naïve Locke
Standandwalker, who had a great deal of island force inside of him. Richard-Alpert-Kenobi saw that Locke
Standandwalker was very special, and could help the process of bringing balance
to the island force. Much like he guided
Linuswalker, Richard-Alpert-Kenobi guided Locke Standandwalker to harness his island
powers and to understand and respect its light side. Perhaps Standandwalker could help Linuswalker
find his way back to the light side to bring this balance.

Another brave passenger of the crashed ship was Jack
Solo. Jack Solo was a very smart and
talented individual, but he did not believe in or use island-force powers. The island did favor Jack Solo, but he did not
believe (he was a man of science), so his powers were limited. Jack Solo helped Locke Standandwalker to
protect the remaining passengers of the ship, with the help of Hurleybacca, a
very large passenger.

In order to confront Benakin Linuswalker and Emperor
Widmore, Locke Standandwalk must overcome challenges of loss and fate. He must confront his own father and be
willing to battle him.

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Re: lost and star wars

Post by puchita on Tue May 27, 2008 10:37 pm

wouldnt it be great to have a star wars/lost viewing night at the movie theatre. alternating between star wars and lost episodes?

remember when they did that for star wars before the new releases?

mmmm dreamy.

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Re: lost and star wars

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