Weird thing I just noticed?

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Re: Weird thing I just noticed?

Post by solarchap on Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:54 am

someartzey, cheers, this may horrify you, but I never got round to really checking Southpark out!....

[waiting while you inhale sharply!]

I did see one episode where ling-ling, I think she was called, was singing rather badly and some Triads turned up, and there was machine-gunning, and thats about my sum knowlegde! (Oh yeah and that the dude called kenny is always getting done in)

"twisteder"...I like it! I am going to use it in conversation from now on!

Deater! (L_D) now I understand! I have never known or met anyone called Deater so now I will always remember you (and hopefully not coz I may/may not lose a pint to you LOL!), I have never met or known anyone called Tarquin either, so if you're out there....

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