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John Twelve Hawks JXIIH

Post by fivestades on Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:41 pm

Originally posted on Lost-Theories (RIP) Dec 12th 2007

Since posting this prior to Season Four, there is so much more evidence to support the following nonsense. It came about after I had written a theory on the Panopticon called Nurture v's Nurture (I will post this too), Old L-T member Beyond_Twilight send me a link to a book 'the Traveler'.

It's a lengthy theory! I have not added to this old theory but I'd like to, really interested to see if you guys think it may be relevant

The Traveller was released in 2005. Book one of the The Fourth Realm Trilogy, The Dark River is book two and the yet unnamed third installment is due in 2009.

In a nutshell "In the shadows of modern society an epic battle is fought. One woman is standing between those who try to control mankind and those who will risk their lives for the freedom of us all. On one side the Brethren, using high-end surveillance technology for control, supported by officials and politicians. On the other side the Travelers, the gifted ones, who are able to leave our realm and cross over into other realities."

The author 'is' John Twelve Hawks or J12H or JXIIH or JTH. "John Twelve Hawks lives off the grid." "Both John Twelve Hawks and his American publisher state that he has never met his editor and that he communicates using the Internet and an untraceable satellite phone, usually employing a voice scrambler. No photograph of Twelve Hawks has ever appeared."

I think that the The Fourth Realm Trilogy is written by the Lost people and will become part of the Lost Universe.

The themes in the books could be seen as basic coincidental sci-fi or zeitgeist fodder , however, it's got me thinking. Two outcomes. One, it is related to Lost. Two, it has nothing to do with Lost.

The books and the author have a large mystery surrounding them, there are theories on the identity of the author (Steven Hawking amongst others), and a vast Alternate Reality Gaming network to accompany the book, much like The Lost Experience, The Fourth Realm Trilogy ARG takes fiction and makes it seem 'real'. Most believe the ARG to be a marketing tool for the books.

JTH has given only a few interviews (via sat phone of course). This passage I found interesting

Q: Your novel shows many influences, from Orwell’s 1984 to The Matrix films. What fiction inspired your writing?

A: John Twelve Hawks: ......I have never owned a television............When The Traveler was published, it was amusing to hear how I’d had been influenced by TV shows and movies – such as "Alias" or "Highlander" – that I’ve never seen. Hmmmmm,

rest of interview here

The first connection I noticed that felt related to Lost was John Twelve Hawks's 'logo' on his website ( a look!)


looks very much like the tree mark seen in Lost (One of Us)

Next, A fictional site presented amongst The Fourth Realm Trilogy web presence is the who "support the work of hundreds of scientists in over 23 different countries" this is one of the companies (also known as the Brethren) that author John Twelve Hawks is fighting against. This portrait used to be on the Evergreen login page....

It is Jeremy Bentham, although dead, Bentham is a big character in the books, he is the poster boy of the Evergreen foundation his invention of the Panopticon begins the chain of events threatening to destroy society. It has to be said that he looks a little like Jacob.

In addition, other fictional but cannon (In the Fourth Realm Trilogy ARG) sites call the Evergreen Foundation 'three trees'

Notice the three evergreen trees within the Dharma octagon. (The Lost team would have given permission or commissioned it's use in Half Life) These are the things that made me interested in Lost v's JXIIH,

then I read the books.

If you wish to read the books, the following may be a spoiler.... This is the part of the books I find most interesting. The (sinister) Evergreen Foundation built a quantum computer, subatomic particles in an energy field momentarily disappear, on return they were found to contain information, binary information described in the book as "Light and non-Light, the basic language of the universe"

The Brethren realised that the information was from an advanced civilisation (4toes anyone??)......"This civilization has given our scientists new discoveries in physics and computers........If we can learn more about this advanced technology, we'll be able to establish the Panopticon...(We) will finally have the power to watch and control an immense group of people." I think relating to Lost smokie is the plan that will be sent and built in the third book.

A series of smokies that live under our world would eliminate the need for millions of cameras around the world. The idea being, Smokie could pop out of the ground at any moment and scan your memories in detail for law breaking etc and deliver immediate judgement, would certainly have the Big Brother effect plus the benefit of stripping away the 'who watches the watcher' dilemma.

I think the smokie we see could be a prototype and arguably some of the flashbacks are his readings. Here are a few more links from The Fourth Realm Trilogy to Lost: The release date of the first book of The Fourth Realm Trilogy and the final book release fit snugly into the Lost air dates. Character names, Nathan Boone, Michael, John, Shepherd, The Tabula(from Tabula Rasa). Chess and game theory, Light and Dark feature heavily in the books.

Underground bunkers, tunnels and rooms have purpose in the books. A secret guarded 'portable portal' in a box in a temple on an island is used to "leave our realm and cross over into other realities" (incidentally the island in the book is not out at sea but in the middle of a massive lake in Africa...not far from Nigeria!).

Car accidents play a part in the book. An expert in his scientific field takes on a job only to find he cannot leave the base(Juliete). Use of number codes. Talismans are important in the book as I think they are in Lost (watches, rings, tattos etc). The reluctant hero becomes trapped on an island. Heavy references to literature and philosophers and religion. One character calls everyone 'brutha'. And many more. If (and It's a massive if) the book is part of Lost, it could relate to Lost in a number of ways.

Could the author be Jacob or someone else on the island? TFRT could be there to simply bulk up the mythology when Lost ends. Tailor made sci-fi.

JXIIH got me thinking about Gary Troupe. Bad Twin and the The Fourth Realm Trilogy books and related canon web presence are built to be an expose on the corporate evils of society. If The Fourth Realm Trilogy does prove to be related to Lost it could be flip side of literary propaganda to Bad Twin. Battling factions using fiction and media to sway distract and subtly influence the Lost world populace?

Are the losties part of this propaganda? Is someone banking on/securing their return to expose the islands secrets? I think Bad Twin and Troupe will have further parts in Lost and I hope The Fourth Realm Trilogy does too.

Michael Eisner (chairman and chief executive of Walt Disney Co.) said "[Lost, It's] A crazy project that's never going to work". Makes me think that beyond marketing, the six channels of mass media, broadcasting, publishing, Internet, video games etc could possibly play a larger part in the plot. Maybe it is a coincidence. It's a good read regardless, I'm sure you would enjoy it.......

Here are links to the two books if you fancy a dig


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Re: John Twelve Hawks JXIIH

Post by Lateralus on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:17 pm

That is some very cool stuff.

And that's an extremely detailed website for someone who is supposed to be some wierdo recluse author.

And what level is that screen cap from in Half Life 2?
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Re: John Twelve Hawks JXIIH

Post by Occam on Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:58 pm

fivestades wrote:The first connection I noticed that felt related to Lost was John Twelve Hawks's 'logo' on his website

looks very much like the tree mark seen in Lost (One of Us)

That's called the "Ummo mark". Take a look at this:

<< This is supposed to be a picture of an UFO flying over Spain, on the late 60's.

>> Here << you can find a Wiki article about Ummo. I only mention it because I see some connection with the runway Sawyer and Kate are forced to work on. Seems like an "inner joke" for the Others, or a way to mislead the Losties about the true intentions of their group.

PS: Now that I've read in detail the Wiki article linked above, I've seen it mentions LOST... and specifically, the Ummo mark appearance as "an image burned into a the character of Juliet Burke's lower back." I don't remember Juliet marked with the Ummo mark... I must check that.

PPS: I've found >> this picture << on DarkUFO. Definitely, not the same symbol.


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Re: John Twelve Hawks JXIIH

Post by Caged_Faraday on Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:02 pm

Unfortunately, fivestades, that symbol he's using in place of the X in XII in JXIIH is a Cyrillic (Russian) letter Zha, roughly halfway in between the J and the Z. It lacks the crossbar to be an Ummo mark. Likely, he had a cool font that substituted the Zha for the X, and he liked the way it looked.


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Re: John Twelve Hawks JXIIH

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