Number of Groups - Pattern Emerging

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Number of Groups - Pattern Emerging

Post by katesawjack on Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:08 pm

This is an update to this post as I have changed its name!

I saw something on Lostpedia that seems rather interesting. As we know the group names are all characters from Greek mythology.
There is a pattern here!
Test # Group theme Group names Total groups

Test 1 Moons :Ganymede, Pandora -2 groups
Test 2 Cyclops : Brontes, Polyphemus, Steropes -3 groups
Test 3 Giants : Antaeus, Enceladus, Otus, Tityos -4 groups
Test 4 Titans : Atlas, Crius, Cronus, Helios, Oceanus -5 groups
Test 5 ? 6 groups ?

There have so far been 4 tests,spread about a week apart on Wednesdays. Okay this would mean that test number 5 will be on or about September 17, 2008. As we all know the 4 year anniversary of flight 815 will be September 22,2008.

It is also the set date for an on-line game...Lost 3 D Island

They could possibly have test number six (Oceanic 6)to coincide with that date.... There is also the possibility that there is no connection with the start of this game, and I am trying to find some good reason for this Dharma Wants You... Game.

MollyCocktails Statement "Toss a gal a bone please..." on this post is what inspired me to try to find some answers.

To borrow, a line from Ben in : "Theres no Place like Home" I have a few ideas.
So... This is just a little bit of sleuthing , I have done and I am anxious to see if any of this could have some relevance to "Octagon Global Recruiting".

I am going to first post this video from..
Now when you watch this it is 2:04 in length. At the 1:43 mark there are credits
listing the names of the film editors. If you pause it you will see at the very top this case you miss it I will tell you the name is Henk Van Eeghen, and he is a real editor on Lost. If the name sounds familiar it is because that is the same last name of the Dharma recruiter on the Dharma wants you site. Coincidence?
The link about, Van Eeghen

LOST 3D Online Island Presentation VIdeo from sl-lost on Vimeo.

Now after watching the video I think that there is a real good possibility that on September 22,2008, we will find out that this whole Dharma Recruitment Program is going to lead us to "Lost 3 D island" and has been leading to this since the start.

Oh and one more thing this is the site again, and the sl is short for second life so tell me what you all think?
They will ask you on this page: 3. Choose the way to find the Island
Are you going to take the flight Oceanic 815 or be recruited by the Dharma Initiative.?

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Re: Number of Groups - Pattern Emerging

Post by JWLost on Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:33 am

Ohhh, snap diggity, KSJ! Maybe the 06 become recruits of the new DI that goes to the island or something?! That would actually be fantastic, in a very strange way. Interesting.

That would be absolutely awesome if this video pans out to be what the DI are doing with this ARG. This could very well be the best ARG to date if that is the case.

Great work, KSJ, you gave me new hope!!!

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