Watch Lost online for those outside the US

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Watch Lost online for those outside the US

Post by MyStarbuckHatesLost on Sat May 31, 2008 9:38 pm

For those outside the U.S. I posted (with some extra goodies from Shamballa) this in the non-spoiler section. Iím reposting it here for members who want to see the finale online but havenít been able to.

(You can find streaming episodes of Lost, including the finale at

by shamballa Today at 10:36 am

Good call MSHL! Sidereel offers multiple links. I think the best quality vids by far are here

You'll need the DivX player here: (worth it!)

And Ninja Video Helper here:

by MyStarbuckHatesLost
I love a team effort Shamballa.

You usually do need the divx player but many sites don't need the ninja helper. I never install anything I don't absolutely need on my 'puter

Vid quality varies and some have spyware so be careful

If it asks you to do anything (install a program, sign up for Zango...anything!) close the window. This is except for installing the divx player which you should not do from any site except so you know you're actually getting the real program

I've found links to shows on sidereel WHILE the programs were airing for the first time! Last night I found the latest BSG episode while it was still being televised...someone must have been feeding it directly from broadcast through their computer and straight to the site!

You can also bit-torrent download the episodes but I'm not even gonna get into that here...its a whole 'nuther posting!
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Re: Watch Lost online for those outside the US

Post by TheHolyStickman on Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:42 am

Cheers this is great now I can just stream them.
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