mind body dichotomy

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mind body dichotomy

Post by retroactiveman on Thu May 29, 2008 8:21 am

not sure where to post, so posted here and in the guest room or whatever its called on this website

This theory is weak and not well done, but I just wanted to get it out there, hopefully to get some feedback, and to expand on it later.

Locke will move the island.

How will he move the island?

Because the philosopher Locke (the actual person) believed that the world that we experience is represented in the mind; therefore the mind makes for us the world.

What has this to do with the island?

The island is the mind.

Why is the island the mind?

Because the mainland, where the 6 are, is the body. The body (as Hurley pointed out from the insane asylum) is dead; the mind vivifys the body.

We have a straight up, enlightenment style, mind/body dichotomy on our hands.

Through Locke taking the power to represent inside his mind, he hides the mind, he makes the mind mystical...because it is mystical, it is not accountable to maps, to science, to anybody trying to find it...anyone trying to use a map will be per se lost, because the map can never tell you where it is, because any map, any coordinates you use will have to be wrong.

Locke will move the island...but Locke will have to die. Why? The mystical can be expressed only here. Locke's world exists only to Locke, to no one else, and it exists through him only through his will. In short what Locke represents is the impossible.

Because Philosophy cannot account for this approach, because I can't account for this approach, because nobody can account for this approach except for Locke, who we are alls suppossed to be in awe of, and we are...and if you think about it, it doesnt make sense, because if someone would take scissors and cut my spinal cord, the world would still go on around me, right? This is why Hurley says "We are dead", right now the world is like it is dead, wrapped up in identities alien to ourselves (me Ben the lawyer) we are actors, occupying prefabricated shells. We have been cut off from the mind. And we are lost in that respect.

So tomorrow Locke will do the impossible, and then he will die, because for the island, which is history of the mind, the history of philosophy, his task will be done.

Thank you, goodnight.

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Re: mind body dichotomy

Post by AngeloComet on Thu May 29, 2008 10:23 am

I replied to this in the other place.

For a moment there I thought I was experiencing some bizarre kind of de ja vue.
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